A Wanderer in the Fourth Dimension

Stuff and Nonsense from the Recesses of my Mind


I used to be on lj, and then I went away. And now I'm back! At least for now. Hooray for me.

I'm a writer, sort of full time, although I mostly don't get paid anything yet. I run a couple of blogs on Wordpress and I have some social media accounts, but those are work (albeit unpaid) and this blog is personal, so it's f-locked.

I'll probably talk about real life and writing and illness stuff more then fandom stuff, but I watch a lot of television and my special interests tend to be television- or movie-related, so I'll probably talk about tv shows sometimes. I'm mostly incapable of going a significant period of time without thinking about Doctor Who, which is sort of how I understand a lot of things, so that I'll definitely talk about. Also currently watching the Librarians.

Would really like to connect with other writers and other people with any of my various disabilities, which are the following: fibromyalgia, depression, general anxiety disorder, GERD, chronic migraine, autism, and something closely resembling either PTSD or CPTSD which no one has bothered to diagnose yet, but which seems to be a fairly large factor in the psychosis which I also experience.

Anyway, if you want to friend me, shoot me a message and a request (and I don't even know if those are the right terms, I've been away so long); if you're looking to read my writing or my reviews of media in terms of diversity, there is a link below.